The film follows Tanya, a headstrong young woman who spends her time among a ragtag group of young males, each of whom seems to be in love with her. While treating her as one of their own they alternately longing for her affections and wisdom. Having not completed their school studies and unable to find work, the small crew spend their time exploring abandoned construction sites, often scaling structures with a daredevil sensibility and a youthful carelessness. As they descend to great lakes and spots of overgrown natural beauty, they discuss their hopes and dreams in good humour, soaking in the sun and each other. Transnistria is however not an idyllic environment for young people and the past of the former communist state hangs heavy in the air. As Tanya attempts to engineer a future for herself outside of the country, these lovestruck young men begin to contemplate their own future which seems to offer frighteningly limited possibilities.