The Orphanage is screening during 2019 Cannes Film Festival. More info

Adomeit Film is a private limited company, established and owned by Katja Adomeit. The purpose of the company is solely to produce artistic film projects for Cinema, TV and Web. Adomeit Film develops and produces international fiction, documentary and hybrid films, focusing on arthouse projects by young filmmakers from all over the world, establishing long lasting relationships with the scriptwriter/directors. Adomeit Film works closely with its filmmakers as part of the creative team, and together they constitute what they call the Adomeit Family. The work in the family is based on continuous exchange of ideas, content and advice. The films are intended to address and entertain an international audience and have been coproduced internationally, screened worldwide, and won awards at acclaimed festivals. Adomeit film consists of Katja Adomeit (CEO and producer), and Tine Mikkelsen (Producer assistants), and directors Anna Eborn, Annika Berg, Daniel Borgman, and Shahrbanoo Sadat.