Dreams By The Sea

Ester (16) lives a safe but mundane life, in a small town on an island together with her religious and conservative parents. One day, when she’s in Sunday school, she meets Ragna. A girl who has just moved to the same small town with her alcoholic mother, and her 8 year old brother. In Ragna, Ester sees what she has been looking for her whole life. Unaware that Ragna see’s the exact same thing in Ester, and especially Ester’s father. The attraction of opposites makes them best friends. Together they dream about getting away from their boring life on the island, but soon they realize that it’s only their own self that they want to escape from. Dream by the Sea tells a story about the struggles we experience as humans, a story about love, identity and wanting to get away from everything that seems to tap us inside ourselves.

Making my films in one of the world’s smallest countries it’s important for me to keep things small and intimate. Like some dedicated and passionate individuals coming together and starting a band. Jamming, putting their soul into it and chasing the same dream. But at some point, every band needs it’s manager, to make things happen preferably a manager with the same kind of rock’n’roll approach, passion and understanding. 

Sakaris Stora, director